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Can you imagine living in a world without water? How would you carry out activities such as cooking, washing dishes and bathing?

Facing the context of water scarcity, Wayru has arrived to redefine the way water is used, providing sustainability, wellbeing and hygiene in every home.

1 out of every 3 people

in the world does not have access to a safe water network.

3.5 million Peruvians

are affected by this situation

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Our purpose

About Us

We are a social enterprise committed to improving the quality of life of communities without access to safe water networks and facing water scarcity.

We aim to:

society positively through social projects, educational workshops and innovative solutions.

to sustainable development by promoting responsible water management and the conservation of our natural resources.

more families to be part of the change that our planet needs, through sustainable water disposal and consumption practices.

more stakeholders to join our cause and act against water scarcity.

Our Innovation

The AquaWay

We developed a portable system that allows water to be used more efficiently and safely, without the need for pipes or electricity.

The AquaWay is durable and of high quality, being a long-term investment that improves the quality of life of families, providing comfort and support in situations of water shortage.


Portable and user-friendly

Thanks to its integrated transport system,our innovation is easy to mobilize. In addition, its intuitive design makes it ideal for the whole family - have quick and easy access to water wherever you are!



Our solution is tailored to your needs.Use it to take a shower, wash your hands, food or dishes. It is also a safe water storage, protecting it from vectors that spread diseases such as dengue fever. A versatile, practical and safe option..


Saves water and money

We use less than 10 liters per bath,while a conventional shower consumes around 100 liters. Significant savings in terms of water and economy, since the frequency of water purchases is reduced. We replace cumbersome buckets, tubs and jugs, providing a unique water-saving experience..

Social Projects

Our Work

We work in partnership with organizations to implement sustainable, integral and scalable solutions that solve the problems faced by communities with water scarcity.

Through technical knowledge and our innovation: the AquaWay, we provide families with the tools they need to improve their quality of life and have a sustainable relationship with the environment.

Educational Workshops

Our Work

We provide technical knowledge and practical tools to communities and companies.

Our workshops are tailored to the specific needs and issues of each group, with the objective of generating a positive impact on society and the environment.


Our Work

We accompany entrepreneurs and social innovators at early stages in the process of developing their ideas, from understanding the problem to the presentation of their project.

Our human-centered-design approach allows us to ensure that solutions are truly useful and relevant for the intended users.

Our impact

Want to know how Wayru is transforming the world?

Learn more about our impact on communities, the environment and society.

How to be part of the change

Be a social ally

Develop integral social projects. Contact us, join our network of allies and let's make a difference together!

Social products

Purchase our products through our social networks and collaborate with the implementation of social projects in communities with water scarcity.

Spread our work

Follow our social networks and share our work with your friends and family to help us spread the message of sustainability!

Together we make a difference

Meet our partners who share our vision and join us in our commitment to create a more sustainable world.


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