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Drop by drop, for a sustainable and healthy world for all

OUR Mission

To transform the way we use water to ensure a more sustainable and healthy world for all, especially water-scarce communities, through innovation, education and collaboration.

Our Vision

To ensure that water is valued and used in a sustainable manner, achieving a healthy planet and a better quality of life today and for future generations.


A dream turned into action. In a world where millions of people still lack access to water and hygiene, Wayru Peru was born with the aim of changing this reality.

Inspired by our passion for social development, personal experiences and stories we heard, we created the concept of a portable shower for water-scarce areas. With this idea, we won first place in the Inter-American Development Bank's e-Hackathon 2020. This is how, after extensive hard work, we developed the AquaWay: a solution co-created with the communities that provides sustainability, versatility and comfort.

Today, the AquaWay is a reality in homes in the Peruvian coast, highlands and jungle. Each step brings us closer to closing the gaps in access to water and hygiene. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a sustainable, healthy and equitable future. Together, transforming every drop into a life-changing change.

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